In the Russian region conducted a unique operation with the participation of a doctor from Italy



Medics of the Republican cardiology center of Bashkortostan held a unique operation to close the fistula, prosthetic heart. Part in the operation took the doctor from Italy, Eustachio Onorato — he advised the Russian colleagues via video link, reported on the website of the medical facility.

The operation lasted more than three hours. The patient is a resident of Tatarstan. Man has long suffered from shortness of breath and dizziness, in Tatarstan, he did the valve replacement and bypass surgery, however, after the intervention has left a fistula that had caused the discomfort.

In the end, the patient performed a unique operation. “First, was the multidisciplinary composition of the team. The involved cardiac surgeons, x-ray surgeons, cardiologists, functional diagnosticians, engineers,” — said in cardiology.

Specialists use equipment, allowing you to connect x-ray image of the ultrasound examination (sonography). In addition, surgeons have implanted in a patient’s heart device, among the developers which was Onorato. It consists of two disks, its form is chosen for each patient individually. It is noted that without the use of this device to assist the patient would be almost impossible.

Chief physician of the center Irina Nikolaeva said that the specialists use the latest methods diagnositic and treatment to help improve the quality of medical care. “Endovascular cardiac surgery is developing actively. More and more transactions are sparing technique. And this is very important because the rehabilitation period is significantly reduced”, she added.

To provide Russians with affordable health care and improving its quality — one of the goals of the national project “Health”, which will be implemented in Russia until the end of 2024. It is also aimed at changing the nature of the relationship between doctors and patients, increasing to 70 percent coverage of primary prevention, introduction of modern clinical guidelines, reducing mortality from cardiovascular and oncological diseases, increase in life expectancy of Russians at the age of 78 and more. In total, the national project it is planned to spend more than 1.7 trillion rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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