Italian scientist argued with China on the origin of the coronavirus


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A scientist from the Italian of Milan argued with the Chinese Pro-government media about the origin of the coronavirus. Reported by the Daily Mail.

As explained to the edition, the head of the Institute of pharmacological research Mario Negri, Professor Giuseppe Remuzzi, currently, there is no doubt that the origin of the virus began, the Chinese city of Wuhan. He stressed that in Italy the infection was brought by German citizen, who had contact with the infected Chinese, and it happened even before Beijing officially announced the beginning of the epidemic in China.

“You should consider that perhaps this sad event (epidemic — approx. “Of the”) began in China long before health authorities realized what we’re dealing with, taking into account the number of carriers, in which the disease is asymptomatic,” he said Remuzzi.

Thus he reacted to reports that have appeared in a number of Chinese Pro-government media after an interview with a scientist published last week. Then Remuzzi said that, the stories of local doctors, a strange and very severe cases of pneumonia were recorded in Italy in November and December 2019. In his opinion, this suggests that the coronavirus circulated in the Lombardy region before it became known about the outbreak in China.

The Chinese media in turn tried to use the words of the scientist in order to prove that the birthplace of coronavirus was not China, and Italy. Thus, the publication Global Times wrote that the infection has spread in Italy before the first infected in China. Channel CCTV remembered an earlier interview, Remuzzi, in which he, citing some doctors reported that cases of unknown pneumonia was detected in Italy in October last year.

As stated by a scientist in the comments of the Daily Mail, published to them then the information was based solely on the words of a small number of doctors and some of the rumors and not supported by any scientific evidence. Remuzzi also stressed that even if these cases of pneumonia had taken place, evidence that they were caused by a coronavirus, is not.

Earlier on March 26, it was reported that the first man who had confirmed a coronavirus, was clerk of shrimp from China. The woman surnamed Wei sold live shrimp in the market, “Hunan” in Wuhan. 11 Dec 2019 she for some unknown reason the temperature rose and she went to the clinic.

According to the latest data by the American Johns Hopkins University in 196 countries of the world revealed 480,4 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. Of them recovered 115,8 thousand people, 21.5 thousand died.

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