“Mutant lover” showed his new mansion c dark past


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Russian blogger and bodybuilder Alexander Shpak, who is called the “mutant lover”, showed his new mansion. The castle was a dark past. The video with the interior of a country house to his wife Masi Shpak in Instagram.

Wife of spac held a video tour of their new home. The house is almost fully furnished, as told to the blogger, they can only carry things. Spouses are not even embarrassed by the fact that a few years ago it was the brutal murder.

Singer Sara OKS in an interview with StarHit said that earlier in this house lived the family of the official. The cottage has been infiltrated by thugs and threatened with a pistol, demanded money and jewelry. Then they shot the owners, which are pre-tied. The man was shot in the heart, and from the received wounds he died on the spot. According to the singer, she learned about it from a domestic housewife.

From the former owners of the house left a lot of things. In his video Masya Starling admits that she really liked their interior solutions. Their tour she started from the large veranda, overlooking a plot of 15 acres. Almost all the first floor there is a lounge in the style of modern classics, running into the kitchen and dining area. The room light designer wrought-iron chandeliers, and in one of the areas separated by columns and a fireplace. The kitchen is also separate columns, done in brown and beige colours.

On the second floor there is a living area, containing four rooms. Each of them has access to its own bathroom. They are all fully furnished and have individual colors, but it is stylistically harmonious. According to Shpak, one of the rooms she wants to remake “the black bedroom”. In addition, the house has a built-in garage.

Earlier a popular American singer Rihanna opened the house for network users TikTok — TikTok House. This way, it decided to support the stars of YouTube and at the same time to conduct a public relations campaign for the cosmetic brand Fenty Beauty, the face of which it is. Rihanna invited the famous beauty bloggers from around the world to settle in a large mansion in Los Angeles. Instead of rent they will have to create content that focuses on beauty and promotion Fenty Beauty.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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