Sent to udalenku Muscovites refused to isolate themselves


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Muscovites, working on remote, started to be distracted by shopping and watching movies online. About this “Vedomosti”, citing data from Internet services and providers.

From March 3 to 20 percent increase in the share of day trips in Moscow, and the number of morning and evening orders declined. In addition, the increased demand for day trips to shopping centres.

Also increased the number of buyers in the daytime. Sales growth was primarily in stores in residential areas, but in other points, this percentage decreases.

While a small portion of Internet users switched to a mode of self-isolation, says Director of product marketing of the company “Skartel” Dmitry Rudskoy. According to him, 97 percent of its customers continued to move around the city, although not as intensely as before the outbreak of coronavirus.

The Muscovites, who decided to respect the quarantine and left the house, started to consume more video content: daily TV viewing during the period from 16 to 22 March increased more than six times compared to previous weeks.

As explained by psychologist Maria Makarochkina, in Russia there is no culture of remote work and self-isolation. The fear of isolation is one of the basic evolution, to be outside of society — instinctive fear. Therefore, the Russians do not comply with the isolation mode and not sit at home, she believes.

However, as writes the edition, working from home Russians a little while. According to a survey by online recruiter “”, only 3 percent of employees of Russian companies switched to remote work. The majority of respondents (85 percent) admitted that they still go to work, another 5 percent reported that their company’s transition to remote access to work is a recommendation. The remaining 7 percent said that remote working has moved some departments and divisions.

On 18 March, the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin asked the employers to convert part of employees to work from home. He noted that this is especially true for women whose children in the next few weeks will not go to school.

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