The changes in style of clothing Putin for 20 years


www.vsyako.netVladimir Putin in 1999 Photo: Galina Kmit / RIA Novosti

The journalists of “Moskovskiy Komsomolets” analyzed changes in the clothing style of Russian President Vladimir Putin over the last decade. Their observations, based on the frame prepared by the Kremlin album, “Putin said. 20 years” published on the newspaper’s website.

It is alleged that in 2000 years of Putin chose the most modest things: wore the same grey speckled tie and suits too large. However, the color palette of his costumes were more varied than at the moment. So, at the beginning of the Board President several times appeared in a brown suit, and now prefer dark blue and black colors.

It is also known that Putin feels comfortable military camouflage. In this form it appears not only on the activities of the defense Ministry, but also in informal meetings, and leisure travelers. Tails, on the contrary, the President does not like, because it constrains the movement.

One of the favorite wardrobe items for the Russian leader called a black Polo shirt, which he combines with a jacket of the same color.

In the cold season the head of state prefers to wear a coat or jacket Alaska fur on the hood. His favorite colors for these things — black and red. In the early years of Putin in the winter often wore the same sweater, received as a gift from the village grandmother. Now he chooses cardigans in bright colors.

In January, Putin came to the Christmas service in St. Petersburg in cardigan Italian brand Loro Piana. Beige cashmere sweater with fur and button detail on the collar is a collection of Loro Piana winter 2017. The cost of similar models from the current collection of around three thousand Euro (EUR 204 thousand).

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