The Elevator in the Russian city fell and struck four floors


www.vsyako.netPhoto: the group “Asha | VКурce” in “Vkontakte”

In the city of Asha (Chelyabinsk region) during Elevator maintenance residents were also without a ladder. He fell and struck the stage on four floors. It is reported online edition “”.

As told in the administration of Ashinsky district, in an apartment building work was carried out in the framework of the overhaul of the Elevator. Lifting equipment slipped out of the hands of the workers and fell on the stairs. According to witnesses, whose words transmit portal huge motor fell on the stairs, after breaking from the tenth to the seventh floor. This place was a large hole. No one was hurt.

Now the holes closed hardwood floorings, provided by the management company at home. All the circumstances of the accident are specified. The city administration promised to bring the situation under control and quickly eliminate the consequences of the accident.

Earlier in the city of Aniva (Sakhalin oblast) Russian woman fell to the neighbors through the ceiling. After the fall the woman had a large hematoma. The house where the incident occurred, was built three years ago. However, the building is already in a deplorable state: the Foundation “walking”, and the walls are constantly covered with cracks. According to the Agency, the house is not falling just because ‘based’ on an adjacent building.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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