The estimated losses of the Russians because of the new tax


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It is estimated the financial loss of the Russians because of the new tax on interest on deposits and coupon income on bonds. According to Forbes, so the Federal budget will receive 113 billion rubles.

On the eve of President Vladimir Putin in an emergency address to the nation presented a plan to support Russian economy and of the country in terms of coronavirus. Among the proposed measures was the distribution of the 13 percent income tax on income from deposits and investments in bonds, if the total volume of investments more than 1 million rubles.

The head of state noted that the measure would affect only 1 percent of investors. However, if we evaluate it from the point of view of the banking system, it will affect more than half of all deposits, writes the edition. So, according to the “Agency on insurance of contributions” at the beginning of 2020 in deposits from 1 million rubles accounted for 55 percent of total deposits of Russians.

At the beginning of 2020 citizens of Russia held on Deposit in banks 30,55 trillion rubles. Thus, the total amount of large deposits, the income from which now are taxed at 13% income tax, amounted to 16,8 trillion rubles.

Under the old rules the interest on Bank deposits is taxed in the case when the interest rate exceeds the key by 5 percentage points or more. At the last meeting on the key rate in March, the Central Bank kept it at 6 percent. The same rules apply to the coupon yield on Russian corporate bonds issued after 1 January 2017. The rate for coupon income on bonds (OFZ) is zero.

Among other stimulus measures, which the day before suggested that the head of state, were the holidays both the consumer and mortgage loans for Russians. The measure will affect those citizens of countries that are in difficult life situation and whose income for coronavirus dropped by 30 percent or more. In addition, the head of state instructed to increase unemployment benefits, to change the rules of calculating sick leave, to extend social benefits to the Russians, to make additional payments to families who have the right to the matkapital, and make payments to veterans and Heroes of labour in April, not may.

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