The experts recognized the dependence of the private TV channels of the Russian state


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexey Filippov / RIA Novosti

Modern commercial television in Russia has become dependent on public money, respondents recognize “” experts on television.

Scholar of Russian and foreign television, an employee of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov Elina Nikol believes that paid content in Russia has all chances for development, but commercial television that is independent from state money, no.

“Today we have all the same “crisp” news and significant share entertainment content. It looks young generation, which, as in the era of stagnation, long ago tired of the same news in a standard package. By the way, for entertainment content people are willing to pay and pay. But the news… If people pay for news would be news “more interesting”? In this context, it is better to replace “interesting” with “more objective”, but it is a question, rather than to journalists and media managers, i.e., to the government,” she says.

He explains that the government is funding commercial television, because in his best interest to make it public. “The current state it is very important that the TV people had. So the government will pay for it”, — the expert believes Dmitry Kolesov, adding that to rely in this question on the support of the audience of the Federal channels, as is happening in Europe, not worth it.

The state compensates ten TV channels included in the first multiplex (channel one, Rossiya 1, NTV, “Match TV” the Fifth channel “Russia 24”, “Rossiya K”, “Carousel”, OTR, “TV-Center”), billions of dollars in costs to distribute TV signals throughout the country. In 2019, the Federal Agency has also allocated ten channels of the second multiplex (TNT, STS, REN TV, “Home”, “TV 3”, “Friday!”, “Star”, “World”, “Muz TV”, “Saved”) funds from 684,4 million rubles to 1.1 billion rubles. The largest subsidy provided to the channel, Orthodox channel “Spas”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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