The father was not allowed home, returning from a trip the son of coronavirus



An American resident of the city of Nanuet, state of new York, was not allowed home returned from a trip son, as a young man may have been infected with coronavirus. This is the website of Fox News channel.

Peter Levin (Peter Levine) recommended that the 21-year-old son Matt not to travel to the city of South Padre island, Texas on spring break to avoid being infected with coronavirus. The young man ignored the advice of his father and went on a trip.

During the trip, Matt sent the father pictures, which were captured he and his friends in the environment in which they could be infected with a coronavirus. In particular, in some pictures it was clear he with friends listening to live music on the street among the crowd.

Matt and his friends are faced with the pandemic problems when returning home. Their return flight to new York was diverted to Tennessee after reports of a case of coronavirus at the airport of new York La Guardia.

When Matt returned to his father’s house, he found his car note and food. “His grandparents live with us, and there is no need to expose them to the risk of becoming infected,” explained Levin. As a result, Matt had to get back to the apartment he rented near the College in Massachusetts. His lease ends in June. Where a young person will live after this, Levin does not know.

Earlier it was reported that in new York, USA, the girl took advantage of the fact that the streets were empty because of the quarantine, and was photographed riding naked on the statue of the “charging bull” on wall street. The blonde ignored all of the recommendations for protection from coronavirus, undressed and climbed on the bronze bull statue in the financial district of new York.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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