Lists the basic requirements for the leader of the company in the period of the pandemic


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Strategic thinking and communicative competence are the basic requirements for the leader of the company in the period of the pandemic coronavirus. These qualities were mentioned by the head of the program “Leaders in performance”, Director of the center for performance enhancement of all-Russian Academy of foreign trade, Ministry of economic development of Russia Ekaterina Grishina in the column for the portal “the Future of Russia. National projects”.

Grishin explained that the leader should have the ability to see strategic goals and to flexibly adapt them to changing conditions, even when resources and information. In addition, it is important for a leader to cope with them in a situation of uncertainty. “The way everyone has their own — run through the woods, swimming or meditation. Most important to put emotions in order to gain the ability to move forward and lead others,” she added.

Also the leader should be able to direct your emotions and the emotions of others in the right direction and keep the ability to perform specific actions. “We need to demonstrate actions aimed at stabilization of the situation: talking to employees about the next steps on the current arrangements and the likelihood of events”, — said the expert.

She added that the crisis in the first place come the collective intelligence and team spirit. According to Grishina, you need to communicate with people, to respond to questions and discuss the decisions to give employees the opportunity to feel their involvement to managing the situation.

“The leader must keep abreast of, to learn and to understand the problem, assess the prospects that are opened or will open soon for the company,” said Grishin.

In conclusion, the speakers, the expert called the necessary quality of a leader is the ability to remain human. “It is important to understand that the new environment is not only the problem, but the space for choice, and thus opening the prospects for the development of the company,” she said.

The program “Leaders in performance” is realized in the framework of the national project “Productivity and employment”, which will be allocated for 52.1 billion. The project aims to optimize processes and reduce their costs, reduce the cost and improve the quality of products, training employees, ensuring effective employment and increase of labor productivity up to five percent per year. Its first curator was appointed first Deputy Chairman of the Chairman of the Russian government Andrey Belousov.

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