Muscovites spoke about the work of social services and vet clinics during isolation


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The mayor’s office responded to seven questions on the work of the employment centres, social services and vet clinics during the regime of isolation. The list is published on the website of the mayor and government capital.

In particular, scientists have talked about how to be paid the unemployed, and to whom they are put. So, the payment in the amount of 19 500 rubles per month may apply only to Muscovites recognized as unemployed at least 60 calendar days in 2020 engaged in employment and other activities, which is recognized by the law “On employment of population”. It is also noted that the documents to carry anywhere it is not necessary, you can request it on the website of the Center of employment of population of Moscow.

Separately address the question of surgical, cancer care, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hemodialysis, and several other types of medical care. In the city hall assured that Muscovites will be provided this type of assistance.

Speaking of the homeless, the government noted that on the streets continues the work of Social watch, and the Center for social adaptation offer people assistance with heating, food, socialization, conduct discussions, and render first aid.

It is also noted that social workers continue to provide assistance, observing all precautions. All employees are provided with masks, disposable gloves and antiseptics.

In pre-record mode will work in veterinary clinics, however you can get there only in case of extreme necessity, after telephone consultation with the vet. Schedule can be consulted in the appointment process.

Earlier the government of Moscow has explained the provisions of the universal regime of isolation, which came into force in the capital and its suburbs March 30, to control the spread of coronavirus. At city hall, in particular, commented on the topic of access to public transport. He will continue to work as usual, and the decree of mayor Sergey Sobyanin about the isolation mode do not allow limitations on the movement of personal, service and special vehicles, says the publication. Taxis will also continue to work as before without any additional regulation of prices.

On 30 March in Moscow, Moscow suburbs and other regions of Russia came into force a General lockdown, forbidding citizens to leave home without a good reason. This measure aims to contain the spread of coronavirus. President Vladimir Putin approved the actions of the authorities of the constituent entities, calling them necessary.

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