The Samsung Galaxy S20 found the secret feature


www.vsyako.netSamsung Galaxy Ѕ20Фото: Jeff Chiu / Reuters

Enthusiasts found in new Samsung smartphones compromise the operation mode of the display. It allows you to give high definition images with moderate battery consumption, according to the publication XDA Developers.

According to the publication, drew attention to a secret function, the mode was hidden to users. When it is activated the display refresh rate is 96 Hz at a resolution of 2400х1080 or 1600х720 pixels. In this case, devices Samsung Galaxy give comfortable eye image of the screen, but less taxing the battery of the device as when you turn on the maximum mode.

To activate secret mode, you need to make changes to the firmware of the device. The publication has released a free Android app that allows you to switch between all three display modes without changing the OS code.

XDA Developers have noticed that the flagship of the Korean company by default have two modes — normal and maximum. At first the screen refresh rate is 60 Hertz and the resolution 3200х1440 pixels, the second resolution of the screen is reduced to 2400х1080 pixels, but up to 120 Hz higher refresh rate of the display and the smoothness of the picture. Thus, the owner of the gadget we have to choose between image quality and battery life of the device.

Smartphones Samsung Galaxy S20 was presented on February 11. Soup got a Dynamic AMOLED screen, support 5G, up to 16 GB of RAM and up to 512 gigabytes of internal memory, triple camera, Android 10 with the shell 2 One UI. The cost of the basic devices in Russia amounted to 70 thousand rubles, a top flagship, the Galaxy S20 Ultra estimated at 100 thousand rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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