In the suburbs, explained the rules of movement on the machines during the isolation


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladimir Baranov / RIA Novosti

Residents of the Moscow region allowed to use personal transportation during the lockdown to get to the nearest hypermarket. The corresponding decree was published on the portal of the Moscow government.

“To compel citizens not to leave the place of residence (stay), except … the route to the nearest place of purchase of goods (including grocery stores, hypermarkets), works, services, the implementation of which is not limited in accordance with the present resolution, including with the use of a personal vehicle”, — the document says.

The pandemic coronavirus throughout April declared, in most regions there is a regime of isolation, without urgent need, citizens are advised not to leave the house. In particular, in Moscow a regime of universal isolation applies to all residents of the city regardless of age. The mode does not limit the rights of citizens to enter and exit. Residents can leave the apartment only for seeking emergency medical help, travel to work, if they are required for her to venture out, visit nearby shops or pharmacies, as well as for walking Pets and taking out the garbage.

According to the latest data, COVID-19 in Russia have discovered 4731 people, most of those infected — more than three thousand — in Moscow. Among the symptoms of the virus: high fever, chills, headache, weakness, nasal congestion, cough, shortness of breath and muscle pain.

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