Another country asked for help from Russia in the fight against coronavirus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Santiago Arcos / Reuters

Ecuador was another country, appealed to Russia with a request for humanitarian aid in the fight against coronavirus. Earlier, the Russian government began to help Serbia and Italy. On 8 April, RIA Novosti said the Venezuelan Ambassador in Russia, Julio Prado-Espinosa.

According to the Ambassador, Ecuador does not have enough masks, respirators and medicines. Espinosa also said that soon the country will be able to realize something useful and important in the fight against COVID-19, but only when working together with Russia.

The Embassy of Ecuador in Moscow also appealed to the national Committee for promoting economic cooperation with Latin America and the Federal medical-biological Agency. In queries has applications for devices of artificial ventilation of lungs and to test the system. While there are several pharmaceutical companies that are ready to send to Ecuador a batch of cycloferon.

As of April 8, in Ecuador recorded nearly four thousand cases, of which 220 were killed and 140 were cured.

In March, Russia sent to Italy a few military transport aircraft Il-76 of Air and space forces (VKS). They flew 100 of Russian virologists and epidemiologists, as well as eight medical and nursing teams. In Serbia the same 11 Il-76 aircraft of Russian air force delivered humanitarian aid in the beginning of April.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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