Declaring himself a transgender woman singer Oscar contracted the coronavirus


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Russian singer Oscar (real name is Shamil MacAndrew) have declared myself a transgender woman Scarlett La Queen, had contracted the coronavirus in the United States. She announced this in an interview with the “Daily Poster”.

March 8, when new York is closed on quarantine, she felt discomfort and pain in the throat. According to her, then none of the residents of the city did not belong to the pandemic seriously and considered the chances of infection are low. A week later, the artist began to experience weakness in the body and asthma, went to the hospital, where she was able to pass the test COVID-19. It was positive, but the doctors said that can’t admit her due to shortage of beds.

“Some days it was hard to breathe, others were strong bursting pain all over body, feverish, felt the heat, with no temperature. Sometimes felt sick,” recalled Scarlett. She explained that she had fought the disease for about a month. The singer is still recovering from an illness.

The singer believes that the government of new York was not ready for an outbreak of coronavirus: there was a shortage of tests, masks and disinfectants. “New York has turned into a post — apocalyptic world is empty, dark, with fear hanging in the air. Now people got used to it and rallied. A lot of support from strangers to each other” — she said and expressed hope that soon the epidemic will go on recession.

That Oscar declared herself a transgender woman, became known on February 20. Then Scarlett said that in 2018, moved to the United States, where he continues to make music.

Oscar became popular in the early 2000-ies. Among the most famous hits of the artist — “Between you and me”, “vaseline Smear” and “Running on a knife edge”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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