Named the most dangerous place on Earth in history


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An international team of scientists, paleontologists conducted a study and identified the most dangerous place in the entire existence of the Earth. About it reports Fox News, citing studies in the journal ZooKeys.

According to experts, 100 million years ago the favorite habitat of the ferocious predators, including flying reptiles and krokodilopodobnyh hunters, was the Sahara desert. The conclusions were made based on the largest survey of fossil vertebrates in the area of rock formations in the South-East of Morocco.

“Perhaps it was the most dangerous place in the history of planet Earth, the place where the time traveler is not going to live very long,” said lead author Dr. Nizar Ibrahim, associate Professor of biology at the University of Detroit mercy, and a visiting researcher at the University of Portsmouth. According to doctor, the study “gives an idea of the age of dinosaurs in Africa”.

Scientists explain that in those days at the place of the rock formations was a vast river system, which was a source of fish for predators. They also noted that the fish that lived in the waters, was the incredible size. It is in this area and were discovered fossils of the three largest carnivorous dinosaurs. Among the finds include large dinosaurs, like the saber-toothed carcharodontosaurus length of over eight meters and predatory deltadrom.

“Perhaps it was the most dangerous place in the history of planet Earth, the place where a time traveler won’t be long,” concluded Dr. Ibrahim.

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