“Russia 1” has planned a Comedy about Odessa on the anniversary of the death of Ukrainians in the fire


www.vsyako.netThe frame: the film “Odessa”

The TV channel “Russia 1” is scheduled for may 2 screening of the lyrical Comedy “Odessa”, published on the website program guide. Date falls on the sixth anniversary of the fire at the Odessa trade unions Building which killed dozens of Ukrainians.

“Odessa” by Director Valery Todorovsky tells about the events of 1970, when the city was quarantined because of an outbreak of cholera. Journalist Dmitry Steshin in his Telegram-the channel drew attention to the fact that the film will be shown in the date of the tragedy in the trade unions Building, and noted that it “does not believe in such coincidences”. Later he wrote that colleagues with “Russia 1” “grabbed his head” and decided to change the mesh.

May 2, 2014 in Odessa there were massive clashes between supporters of federalization of Ukraine (participants of Antimiani), and activists of Euromaidan. According to official data, during the riots 48 people died and more than 200 injured. Most of the people were burned in a fire in the House of trade unions, sheltering the Pro-Russian activists.

Previously, a scandal to the “Russia 1” has turned the series premiere of “zulaikha opens his eyes”. The project, filmed on the eponymous book Guzel Agenoy, he fought the Russian Communists and Tatar nationalists.

However, the series also has set up several records on television. The first five episodes led the top coming out in a primetime TV series for the current season and the first episode had the best start among all similar projects.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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