The Ukrainian authorities announced the localization of fires in the Chernobyl zone



The Ukrainian authorities announced the localization of two recent fires in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, reports on Tuesday, April 28, “Корреспондент.net”.

The state service for emergency situations (SSES) reported that the extinguishing of separate pockets of smouldering peat bogs in Dityatkovskiy, Parisiska and Lubyansky forestry. The radiation background in Kiev, Kiev region in the exclusion zone is within the natural background values.

The situation with forest fires in the Zhytomyr region is controlled. In extinguishing involved 221 people and 43 units of equipment. On the eve of the exclusion zone eliminated the source of decay of peat and the fire that occurred on the border zone.

Previously, the fumes arising from the fires at Chernobyl, covered the Western districts of Kyiv region. In the Ukrainian capital were recorded exceeded the maximum permissible concentration of nitrogen dioxide, partially sulfur dioxide and formaldehyde.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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