The woman agreed to a date with her, wrote by mistake a stranger


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A resident of new York, USA, agreed to a date with a stranger who mistakenly wrote to her after his previous girlfriend gave him the wrong phone number. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

26-year-old actress Cody Heeger (Codie Higer) was quarantined in his mother’s house in Cleveland, Ohio. A stranger sent her a picture of the pie. It turned out that the man was going to write the woman spoke through the Dating app, but she gave him the wrong phone number.

Higer explained to the man that he had the wrong number, but noted that pie is beautiful. Kindness Higer inspired man to continue the conversation. He said that his name is Mike, 30 years old, he works as an English teacher, loves the outdoors and dogs. It Heeger said that working actress and singer, is in Cleveland quarantined and loves these animals. Then they exchanged pictures.

Heeger and her companion talked several times via FaceTime and went out live, which is due to pandemic coronavirus had to spend taking into account social distancing.

The history of acquaintance with Mike Heeger shared in his Twitter, and her posts received thousands of likes.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of new York, pasted on city ads to meet a girl not infected with novel coronavirus infection. Each piece is decorated with his picture, email address and major heading “Looking for a girl for the duration of the coronavirus (and after)”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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