Accused Venediktov of harassment called his apology mocking


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Former press Secretary Alexei Navalny Anna Veduta on Twitter praised the reaction of the chief editor of radio station “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov, whom she previously accused of harassment. In particular, she said she didn’t need the apology of a journalist and called them mockingly.

Veduta also said that what happened in 2012, it hurts. She also answered the question about why told about the incident. “Because someone had to finally say out loud. I’m not the first and not the last — such things happened to many, all was silent,” she said.

Earlier Venediktov apologized to Webtoy because she feels uncomfortable “because of how she imagined it.” However, he refused to admit that molested her.

Veduta said that in 2012, Venediktov invited her to dinner in a large company, and after offered to take her home, and two leading radio stations.

At the end of the trip were Underway, the anchor and the driver of the car. According to Time, she sat with the editor-in-chief on the back seat of the car, when the anchor moved closer to her, hugged and touched the thigh. She asked him to stop, but Venediktov, she said, insisted to escort her to the door of the apartment. “Before the door he asked if there was anyone at home, and tried to kiss me,” he described the incident Veduta.

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