Asked Maradona “hand of God” to end the pandemic coronavirus


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The world Cup champion Diego Maradona has called on a higher power to combat the pandemic coronavirus. About it reports Reuters.

The athlete remembered about the “hand of God”, which, according to the Argentine helped him to score the ball in violation of the rules in the semi-finals of the 1986 world Cup against England. According to Maradona, this same phenomenon should help the world to cope with the pandemic and return to a healthy and happy life.

Tuesday, April 28, the Association of football of Argentina (AFA) announced the early end of the season because of the coronavirus, and that no team will leave the elite division until 2022. Club “Gimnasia and gimnasia y esgrima”, led by Maradona, saved from relegation only thanks to this decision. The incident in the local press dubbed the “new hand of God”.

A world football championship stopped because of the pandemic of coronavirus, some of them prematurely ended. The national Championships will continue in several countries, including Belarus.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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