Assistance from the state will receive only one third of small business in Russia


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Only a third of the enterprises of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Russia can get help from the state in the framework of government programmes to support the economy, according to a study (at the disposal “of the”) the international auditing and consulting company FinExpertiza.

According to the calculations of authors, about 1.74 million SMEs, of the 11 economic sectors can expect to receive repayable grants on the payment of staff salaries is based 12130 rubles per person per month.

While more than 4.24 million enterprises and individual entrepreneurs not entitled to the payment.

Among the regions, the enterprises which can apply for grants, lead Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (43 percent of organizations and individual entrepreneurs), Dagestan (42 percent) and Chukchi Autonomous Okrug (40.9 percent).

The lowest proportion of applicants for payments in Moscow (20.3 per cent SMEs), Ingushetia (22.2 percent) and St. Petersburg (22.7%).

On the right of small and average business on a gratuitous grants to pay the salaries of employees in mid-April, in his address announced by President Vladimir Putin. Later, the provision was enshrined in the presidential decree. A condition for receiving assistance is a guarantee of preservation of employment at the level not less than 90 percent of the indicators prior to regime of self-isolation.

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