Became aware of the plan of Kim Jong UN to hide


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Heo JH / Reuters

North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN could hide due to the spread of coronavirus infection. On the possible cause of his disappearance became known to the Japanese journalist Jiro Ishimaru, reports The Guardian.

He questioned information on the death of Kim Jong-UN. According to Ishimaru, if this were so, it would be more hype. “There is a theory that either he is infected with a coronavirus, infected, or someone from his entourage — and because [Kim Jong UN] is hiding,” said the journalist.

Ishimaru suggested that the leader of North Korea could take refuge in the city of Wonsan in the Southeast of the country, as had been sent to train. He stressed that this could be a cunning plan, a Kim Jong-UN, and he “got everybody fooled”.

On 28 April, the Minister of national unification of South Korea Kang Yong Chul said that information about the death of North Korean leader is nothing more than a fake and being “infogami”.

Kim Jong-UN to April 11, does not appear in public, and on April 15, missed the birthday celebration of Kim Il sung. The absence of the head of state at the events dedicated to the national holiday, gave rise to rumors about a possible illness of the North Korean leader, who currently do not comment on officials and media of the DPRK.

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