Disclosed is a family business kingpin Bones Scar under cover of the FSB


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Law enforcement uncovered the family business kingpin Bones Scar on illegal cashing in of money under the guise of the FSB. This was reported by “Rosbalt” a source in law enforcement bodies.

According to him, during the investigation of embezzlement of the assets of the bankrupt Bank “the Renaissance” it became clear that it was controlled by Andrey Rozov, although according to official data, he owned only 10 percent of the shares. His partner was the brother-in-law Kostya Scar, known as one of the largest informal bankers and specialists in the cash. Both married sisters.

Their banking activities covered responsible the employee of management of own safety of FSB, which was one of the originators of underground business providing services shady financiers. The security officer provides protection from management “To” (supervises the banking sector), the FSB in exchange for the receipt of income from a cash business. Security forces also rendered the shadow bankers additional services with involvement of fighters of special forces “alpha” and “Vympel”: personal protection, security in transporting money, guarding of points of delivery of money.

Under the roof of the security officers were working large shadow bankers involved in the cash transactions. But after leaving the underground business of a curator from FSB family trust collapsed. Currently, the Ministry of internal Affairs investigates criminal case on misappropriation and embezzlement of funds of the Bank “Renaissance”, the withdrawal of assets, deliberate bankruptcy, the defendant is pink. He left Russia, but the investigation is interested in his interrogation.

According to the statement pink was recently arrested former state Duma Deputy, Denis Volchek and entrepreneur Zurab Pliev. They are for 1.4 million euros promised to the banker to help with the decision on the failure of his criminal responsibility.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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