Disclosed the risks of coronavirus infection from a single infected


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Sergio Perez / Reuters

One infected with the coronavirus can infect two to four people. Such risks revealed chief epidemiologist, Ministry of health of Russia Nikolai Briko, reports TASS.

According to him, is determined by the index of reproducibility and contagiousness. The coronavirus he is approximately 2-4 per cent, while the seasonal flu is 1.5 percent. This means that one patient with coronavirus is a potential danger to more people.

Briko also noted that the spread of coronavirus in Russia have not yet reached a plateau, but in the next days the situation can be reversed, as the daily increase of new cases has decreased significantly.

April 29, RIA Novosti interviewed experts agreed that the plateau for the incidence of coronavirus in the country will be achieved if by the end of this week will continue to be fixed and stable indicators.

On 29 April the number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia reached 99 399 people. For all time of epidemic 10 286 patients recovered, 972 — died.

The percentage of people infected with coronavirus and died from pneumonia COVID-19 in Russia was one of the lowest. In the country is infected, there are 0.07 per cent of the population, died of pneumonia several times less 0,0007% (on 143,9 million population).

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