Educate 30 children wife died of coronavirus


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Elderly couple from the British city of Warrington, Cheshire, educating 30 children, died from the coronavirus. This publication reports the Manchester Evening News.

80-year-old Hefin Williams (Hefin Williams) 22 years working at Manchester airport, and retirement became a volunteer at a local hospital. His 74-year-old wife, Valerie Williams, (Valerie Williams) spent his life in caring for the elderly and retired only a year ago. They had 26 foster children and four relatives of the child.

In early March, Valerie was infected with coronavirus. March 12, she developed the first symptoms: dry cough, muscle pain, high temperature. On March 21, she was hospitalized in serious condition and the next day hooked up to a ventilator. Hefin stayed home and kept the regime of self-isolation. A week later, he also went to the hospital and two days later died in intensive care. Valerie died the day after my husband’s funeral.

According to recent reports, 28 April in the world is revealed to 3.09 million cases of infection with novel coronavirus infection. From COVID-19 died 213,3 thousand people, 938,3 thousands of people recovered. In the UK identified was 157.1 thousand cases of infection, died of 21.1 thousand people.

Coronavirus infection is transmitted via small droplets that are emitted from the nose or mouth of the patient and settle on surrounding objects. The who recommends that you stay at least four feet away from infected people, regularly wash or decontaminate hands and don’t touch your mouth, nose and eyes.

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