Every day the man did quarantine a new tattoo and complained about the lack of skin


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London resident made his more than 40 new tattoos during isolation due to pandemic coronavirus and complained about the lack of free space on the body. Meanwhile, according to the Daily Star.

According to Chris Woodhead (Chris Woodhead), while in quarantine, he gets a new pictures on skin every day. The Briton said that many of them represent the current situation in the world. For example, he has a tattoo on the foot with the words “when will this end?” — she dedicated doctors whose work is directly related to pandemic coronavirus.

The hero of the material also said that sketches for two hours, and then brew a Cup of tea and begins to transfer them to the skin. Woodhead, who made the first tattoo at 18, explained that this process helps him to relax in such a “difficult time”.

“I walked around and decided to start to do tattoos — I found an activity that could fill your day. Besides this process for me is like a therapeutic session. Now I draw everything that comes to my mind,” said the Briton.

He shares the result of his work Instagram account, which was signed more than 11 thousand people. Members admire the tattoos, and asked the man to continue his Hobbies.

In April, the girl with the tattoo all over the body also complained about the lack of loose skin for new designs. The Australian published a picture in the social network, showing covering all her body image and in the caption to the photo called himself “one big tattoo”. She admitted she now plans to paint over the remaining areas of the skin the black pigment over him to make new drawings of white color.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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