France brought in the sea its main nuclear unfinished


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From the French port of Cherbourg out to sea nuclear submarine, Suffren (“Suffren”) of the type Barracuda (“Barracuda”). About it on Twitter said the Minister of the armed forces of the Republic of Florence Parlee.

This is a first for this submarine access to the open sea. During testing of Cherbourg “Suffren” also made the first dive out of the waters of the shipyard. The following tests in the Atlantic will be tested the maneuverability of the submarine under water, and in the second stage of tests which will be including in the Mediterranean sea, will begin testing weapons systems.

Running test of main unfinished French fleet was expected in March but was postponed for a month because of the quarantine imposed at the shipyard in connection with the spread of the coronavirus.

“Suffren” — the head submarine of the type “Barracuda”. Preparations for the development of this project began in 1998, directly to the design began in 2002, and the first contracts were signed in 2006, the last full year of his presidency, Jacques Chirac, says Mer et Marine. The construction of the “Suffren” was started in December of 2007 and continued during the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy, françois Hollande and the current head of the Republic Emanuele the Makron. Initially, the input head of the submarine service was planned for 2010, but terms were repeatedly transferred in connection with the economic crisis, due to problems with budget financing. Failure of the timing is also explained by the fact that the industry has faced a shortage of skilled personnel due to the small number of state orders. The total program cost is estimated at nine billion euros.

Submarines like “Barracuda” to replace the submarines of the “Rubi”, which were built in the years 1976-1993, and has long been recognized as outdated, said La Presse de la Manche. It is assumed that if the “Suffren” successfully pass the test, you will be adopted into the fleet in 2021-m, the other five submarines of the new project till the year of 2030.

“Barracuda” will be armed with 533 mm torpedoes and cruise missiles. In addition, the submarine can carry a special module, which could accommodate up to 12 commandos with equipment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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