Hillary Clinton supported Biden in the presidential election


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Brendan McDermid / Reuters

The former candidate for presidents of the United States and Secretary of state Hillary Clinton endorsed the Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the presidential election of 2020, reports Reuters.

Clinton formally announced her support for a public online meeting on the coronavirus impact of the crisis on women. According to her, she not only stands behind Biden as President but will help him to fight for important issues that are at stake in this presidential election.

She was one of a succession of democratic politicians who supported this candidate: Senator Elizabeth Warren, previously put forward as candidates for U.S. President, April 15 was supported by Biden.

April 14, Senator Bernie Sanders, one of the candidates expressed support for the Biden and urged Democrats to rally around him. The former Vice President also supported the ex-US President Barack Obama.

According to Forbes, the rating of Biden’s higher than the incumbent President, would vote for him more than half of Americans. His campaign comes amid allegations of sexual harassment: former assistant’s claim of impropriety on his part.

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