In Russian high-rise building covered underground sauna



The Prosecutor’s office in Kazan covered underground sauna, which was located in non-residential premises of apartment buildings. This offence to law enforcement officers learned from a local resident. This was reported on the website of the administration of Tatarstan.

The consent of the owners to redevelop nobody asked. Russian law does not allow to place in apartment buildings, public baths and saunas. At the moment the sauna is not working — tenants at the request of the Prosecutor’s office terminated the contract with the owner of nonresidential premises. The suit against him is already under consideration by the Volga district court.

Earlier Muscovite from the area of the Latter decided the housing problem in a nonstandard way. With a sledgehammer she had cut in the ceiling of her apartment move to the second floor. There was a maintenance room buildings, and the woman decided to assign to it.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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