It is estimated the average penalty for domestic violence


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Podkorchuk / “Kommersant”

The average size of the penalty in Russia for the domestic violence amounted to 5398 rubles in 2019, with the domestic tyrants sought almost 522,7 million rubles. About it “” reported in the “Area law”.

Lawyers from the human rights project analyzed data from the Judicial Department at the Supreme court over the past three years and found that after the decriminalization of domestic violence increased number of administrative cases about the beatings. In 80 percent of cases the offender was assigned a minimum fine of five thousand rubles.

Earlier, the UN warned of a possible surge in domestic violence during the quarantine due to the coronavirus. In early April, the Deputy Oksana Pushkina said that in Russia increased the number of complaints of domestic tyrants. The victims were not only women, but also retirees. “Bullied their own children, venting their dissatisfaction with life, taking away pensions,” — said Pushkin.

The bill on prevention of domestic violence was developed in 2019. The document proposes in particular to put the aggressors on preventive care. Supporters of the draft law found in several shortcomings, for instance they don’t like the phrase “to promote reconciliation”. Opponents of the law, including 180 public associations consider it “anti-family” in October they published an open letter to the President with a demand to reject the law.

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