Milan will change radically


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On the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus Milan will completely change. The capital of the Lombardy region will present one of the most ambitious plans in Europe, involving the expansion of space on the streets and increase the number of pedestrian and Bicycle zones, reports The Guardian.

Milan is among the European cities with the highest levels of air pollution. A particularly heavy burden for it has become a pandemic.

The introduction of quarantine throughout Italy has reduced the congestion at 30-75 percent and air pollution. The city authorities hope to prevent the widespread use of cars and public transport when people get back to work.

To transform the 35-kilometre-long street is planned in the summer. The plan called Strade Aperte (“open Path”) provides for the creation of a cheap temporary bike lanes, design of new and expansion of old sidewalks, the speed limit to 30 kilometers per hour, as well as the opening of streets exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists.

According to the Vice-mayor Marco Granelli, the idea of reducing use of transport pondered for many years. Before resuming economic activity, the authorities intend to modernize the city, securing the success in the environmental field.

For tourists to the Italian border will be closed until the end of 2020. A decision about the opening will depend on the development of the epidemiological situation.

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