Putin proposed to deprive the army generals Karakul caps


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Irina Bujor / “Kommersant”

The Ministry of defence has proposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin to deprive the senior officers of the army and Navy Astrakhan hats. It is written in the draft amendments to the decree of the President “On military uniform, the enlisted rank insignia and departmental insignia”, which drew attention to “the Russian service bi-Bi-si”.

According to the amendments, the generals and colonels, admirals and captains of I rank will lose the right to wear a Karakul cap with a visor. Instead, they will put a fur cap with a visor. Caps from Karakul will remain in the uniforms of the senior officers of the FSO and Regardie. Hats, the rights to which the military was deprived of in 2014, will be able to wear, as before, higher ranks of the FSB, the emergencies Ministry and the Main Directorate of special programs of the President — state paramilitary organization that is responsible for the mobilization preparation of the Russian authorities.

The defense Ministry informed that the reform is prepared “to implement the President’s decision,” but the essence of this decision is unclear. In the Kremlin and the defense Ministry did not explain.

It is assumed that the fur hats, which will replace the Karakul, will be cheaper.

According to “Russian service Bi-bi-si”, under the presidency of Putin from Karakul hats became a symbol of prestige, however, the interviewed experts pointed out their uselessness and inconvenience. “Thing is extremely inconvenient, especially in the modern army. Wore it extremely seldom”, — said the chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland”, a retired Colonel Viktor murakhovski. Retired major-General KGB Alexey Kondaurov has admitted that although the hat he was supposed to and he never wore it because I prefer to go in civilian clothes. The Manager of one of the Moscow Studio, which caters to senior officers of the army, said that he regularly bought hats “those who love to show off”.

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