Residents warned of carousing bears


The Ministry of environment of the Moscow region warned residents of the region about the increased likelihood of encounters with dangerous wild animals. About meeting local people in predators, the Agency said on its website.

There is information about meetings of local residents with wolves, foxes and bears. According to experts-zoologists, mode of isolation on the background of the spread of coronavirus can promote the release of predators outside the usual hunting grounds. The Agency encourages local residents without extreme need not to go beyond the boundaries of settlements.

Reported brown bear, to destroy the apiary in Naro-Fominsk municipal district, and the encounter with the beast near the village of Aleshino Pushkin city district and Glazov forestry Mozhaisk district. “Predators are now actively feeding, filling weight loss over the winter, and therefore present a heightened danger to people”, — stated in the message.

The mode of increased readiness in connection with the spread of the coronavirus entered in Moscow since March 13. Then it was extended to may 11. Since the end of March in the region there is a regime of universal isolation, closed cafes, restaurants, shopping malls and beauty salons. From 15 April, the authorities introduced a system of digital badges to transport it.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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