Saved family from tornado dog disappeared and returned after 54 days


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In the American city of Cookeville, Tennessee, a missing dog named Bella returned to the owners after 54 days. It is reported by local television station WTVF.

Her owner Eric Johnson (Eric Johnson) said in Facebook that Bella disappeared on March 3 when their house was destroyed by a tornado. According to him, is Bella saved the family from death. “She crawled under our bed and started to whine” he explained. Because of this second dog named Scooter began to bark. Johnson woke up, turned on the TV and learned of the news that the tornado passed through the city of Nashville and now it goes to Coquille.

“I woke his wife and children and hid them in the bathroom on the other side of the house, he recalls. — Then ran through the house back to the dogs, to pick them up, and at that moment heard, as the house began to crumble”. Then he hurriedly returned to the family, and saw that the tornado threw a bath with his wife and children on 15 meters and broke it in half. As a result, the wife broke a rib, and Johnson had left cuts on his head.

“Scooter was killed. I think Bella has survived only because it was sitting under our hard bed”, he said. After a tornado Bella disappeared. Johnson already almost lost hope to find a pet when she was spotted eight miles from home.

On Sunday evening, April 26, Johnson was able to take Bella home. “Now our wonderful dog stuffed belly with food and sleeping in a warm bed where she belongs — said the master. — This dog saved our lives. It gave us a chance to survive.”

Earlier the inhabitant of the American city of San Francisco, California, found six-year-old dog named Jackson, stolen four months ago. For being her favorite she promised a reward in the thousands of dollars. Eventually the thief was arrested and the dog returned to the owner.

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