Sexy uniform of the waitresses has caused a stir in the network, and enriched their


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Former waitress, American restaurant chain Hooters has grown rich on trade in his old uniform. They told the publication the Daily Star.

Girls placed sets consisting of a fitted t-shirts with the company logo and short shorts on the online trading site eBay. According to the publication, fans of the network have a sexual fetish associated with the specified waitresses in skimpy uniforms. It is assumed that for this reason the announcement of Hooters employees caused a stir.

After a few successful transactions companion publications shared their experience on social networks. “Just sold your uniform Hooters more than $ 100 (7370 rubles),” wrote one of them. “I sold all of my old uniforms. Appeared $ 700 (51600 rubles) on the map!” — said the second, adding the hashtag #HootersMakesYouHappy. “I’ve heard that I can sell your uniform Hooters for a good price. If you only knew how much I have copies!” — added the third.

It is noted that high demand was also used socks and badges of former waitresses.

Aware that eBay has strict rules for selling things, in particular, is not allowed fetishization of commodities. Offending users can be removed from the platform.

In April, the creators of the brand STAX Matilda Murray (Matilda Murray) and don Robertson (Don Robertson) put on sale the new collection of sportswear and earned 150 thousand dollars (over 11 million) for seven minutes. Entrepreneurs launched the best share, after which their site received 1,000 orders in the first minute discounts.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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