She lost and was left with four kilograms of skin folds on the belly


www.vsyako.netImage: Sophie McDonald

The British resident of Poole, Dorset, lost 56 pounds with a diet of his own invention and were dissatisfied with their appearance because of the skin folds on the stomach, weighing three pounds. About it writes edition The Sun.

Sophie MacDonald (Sophie McDonald) I started to gain weight when she was 13 years old. She ate ready-made dinners, bought takeaway in the evenings eat a lot of biscuits, chocolate and sweets, and by age 27 was to weigh 144 pounds. “People always commented on my weight,’ she recalls. — I often heard comments like “look at her size” and learned to ignore them”.

The doctors had warned Sophie that if she doesn’t stop, then 30 years will work diabetes or a heart attack. She thought about the diet after because of excess weight are unable to buckle up in an airplane and ride on a amusement Park ride. “I already paid and they tried to lower the arc of safety, but it does not reach the lock, she says. — I had to get off the ride. I didn’t cry, but the shame was awful.”

Sophie refused junk food and began to eat porridge with bananas and berries and also soups, which she made herself. Within two years her weight reduced to 88 pounds, and she faced a new problem: excess skin left on the belly after weight loss. Folds weigh almost four pounds and prevent her to run, to play sports or wear pants and tight clothes. To get rid of them, needed an expensive surgery that she had no money. “To live with excess weight find it difficult, but when so much excess skin is no better,” — says the girl.

Earlier it was reported that weighed more than two hundredweight gamer of the English town of Gillingham, Kent, lost twice and became a life coach. He dropped 32 pounds thanks to healthy eating and exercise, and then got rid of the remaining excess weight after surgery gastric bypass.

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