Tajiks banned Russified names


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Shamil Zhumatov / Reuters

The lower chamber of Parliament of Tajikistan adopted a resolution on amendments to the law on state registration of civil status acts, which prohibit the use of Russified names and patronymics. The prohibition does not refer to resident members of national minorities. It is reported “Radio Ozodi”.

The Minister of justice Muzaffar ASURION, representing the project at the meeting of the chamber, said that now prohibited the use of the endings “-ov/-ova”, “-vich/-Aries” and so on. Instead, they will be given the Tajik of the end “porduct”, “I”, “zod”, “zod”, “it”, “yen”, yen”, and “nier”, “headlights”. Specifically change the names of the citizens do not have. The new rule will be in effect for those who receive identity documents for the first time or decide to change the name. According to the authorities, amendments to the law will increase the consciousness of citizens and protect national identity.

In Tajikistan the rejection of Russian endings of surnames and patronymics began to be used after in 2007, the President changed his own surname to “Rahmon” to “Rahmon”. However, after many of the migrants in Russia is experiencing problems with documents in the Republic again there was a trend in the use of Russified names.

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