The Armenian police denied the reports about the lynching of two murderers in the hospital


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Miridonov / Kommersant

The Armenian police have denied a report that the city of Gavar, a crowd of 500 people lynched in the hospital two killers slit their throats. On Wednesday, April 29, reports the

“At the medical center, no one was killed”, — said the head of the press service of the police, Achon publication.

He said that as a result of events in Gavar there are two victims and wounded. A criminal case under investigation, some citizens were subject to arrest.

Earlier it was reported that in Gavar was a shootout, two people were killed. The attackers tried to escape, but got in an accident and was in the hospital. There rushed a crowd of 500 people — relatives and friends of one of the dead — and the killers slit his throat and left. In this cordoned off the hospital, the guards are unable to prevent the lynching.

According to “Sputnik Armenia” about two months ago between two young people in Gavar happened “disassembly” with the stabbing. On 28 April to investigate the relationship continued adults. One of the boys stood up cousins Armen and David Haytayan, another 33 — year-old Vahe Avetisyan and 31-year-old investigator of the Zohrab Paronikyan. The latter two were killed. The young people, which began the conflict, are in hospitals of Yerevan.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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