The couple are stuck in their honeymoon on a Paradise island due to coronavirus


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Irish blogger and his wife are stuck in the cook Islands due to the cancellation of flights during a pandemic coronavirus. On Wednesday, April 29, reports the Daily Mail.

Since the beginning of March, the couple spent a honeymoon on Rarotonga — the largest island of the archipelago of the cook Islands in the Pacific ocean. 26 Mar Stephen Palmer (Stephen Palmer) and his wife Sabina (Sabina Palmer) had to fly to New Zealand, and then return home, but it turned out that all flights are cancelled.

The wife admitted that a few days panicked and “went crazy” trying to buy any tickets to fly to Europe.
“Every booked us the flight is canceled, causing growing stress. We even forgot how was happy on the island,” said Stefan.

After another failed attempt to fly away, which would cost you just 2.5 thousand Euro (200 thousand rubles), they accepted my situation and decided just to stay on Paradise island.

“The uncertainty was the worst, and as soon as we have decided, with our shoulders like fell cargo”, — said the blogger.

Now the couple continues their honeymoon in isolation, doing yoga, snorkeling (swimming with a mask and breathing tube) and fishing. Their position facilitates what the resort has still not detected any cases of coronavirus, although steps have been taken to ensure the safety of the population.

For example, at risk of becoming infected residents were given orange flags that they can put near houses, and in case if they need medical care, replace them with white. In addition, in public acts of social distancing, and guests can use free of antiseptics for the hands.

At the same time, in the resort there are no restrictions on movement of people and tourists can relax on beaches and share in their social networks.

Cook Islands included in the list of States that are still free of coronavirus. According to recent reports, no cases of infection have not been recorded in 15 countries and 11 populated areas.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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