The daughter moved to the USA soloist of the “Demo” beat and robbed a black girl


www.vsyako.netAlexander Zverev with a daughter, Basilicate: @sashazvereva

Moved to the USA Russian pop-singer and DJ Alexander Zverev, a former soloist of the group “Demo”, told about the assault on her 17-year-old daughter Vasilisa. The actress revealed the details in Instagram.

The incident occurred in Los Angeles, California. According to Zvereva, her daughter was beaten and robbed dark-skinned girls when she played sports in the Park near the house. According to the artist, the place is “well patrolled by the cops, especially now, when the beaches are closed to the public, but the sports track is open”.

“They started to bully aggressive dark-skinned teenage girls, about the same age or older,” explained Zverev. According to her, one of the girls pulled out of the pocket of her daughter’s iPhone and tried to escape. Vasilisa ran after her, leaving the crowded place.

“The company is composed of 4 big girls came up to my daughter and saying “Now we’ll take you de💩mo”,” — wrote the singer.

According to her, the daughter was struck with fists and elbows to the head, when it fell, it continued to beat down. At the scene the police were called, the attackers were detained.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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