The Democrats assess the damage from Biden’s accusations of harassment


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After several media outlets drew attention to the statements of former assistant Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden Tara Reid harassment on his part, Democrats have begun to assess the potential damage from these charges. This writes the Politico.

According to supporters of the Democratic party, Reid charges may be politically motivated. The senators are forced to defend Biden, that at least changes the agenda of the presidential campaign at a “critical time”. Vice-President of the United States supports including the active supporters of the movement #MeToo (campaign against sexual violence and harassment — comm. “Of the”) — among them the Senator from new York Kirsten Gillibrand. According to her, Biden has dedicated his life to supporting women.

Some Democrats fear that the prosecution of the reed will allow the supporters of the current U.S. President Donald trump, who has repeatedly been accused of sexual harassment, to organize attacks on Biden.

Actress and one of the first activists #MeToo Alyssa Milano said that the progressive supporters of the movement and feminists accused her that she turned away from women, supporting Biden. According to Milano, she doubts the evidence of the accusations against the Vice President. “I can’t suddenly turn away from the man I have known for 15 years, without a thorough investigation of the incident”. However, on Monday, April 28, when there are new details in the case of sexual harassment, Milano wrote on his Twitter account that Reid, like any other member, it should be a space where it can Express its position.

Former assistant U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton Amanda Renteria considers that the Biden campaign is now in a difficult position, but the attacks from the supporters of the trump forced the Vice President to move to the offensive and give the answer. “Don’t get defensive, and really show who you are. I think you should show yourself sincere person you are,” added Renteria.

There are those who believe that the political consequences of the charges may be minimal. According to strategist and communications consultant rose Kapolczynski, voters ‘ attention is now focused on pandemic coronavirus and the state of the economy. “All primarily concerned about their health and work. So I do not think that the electorate actually pays attention”, she explained.

About the charges Tara Reid became known in April. A former aide to Biden said that almost 30 years ago had experienced sexual harassment on his part. According to Reid, in 1993, the politician in one of the corridors of the Capitol without permission, kissed her, touched and insisted on intimate relationships. Reid talked about the harassment to your mother, friend, brother and former colleague.

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