The doctor predicted a probable infection COVID-19 entire population of Russia


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Anatoly Zhdanov / Kommersant

The high transmissibility of coronavirus can lead to infection of the entire population of Russia. This was told by a well-known neurosurgeon Alexei Kashcheev in an interview with “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

“The infectiousness COVID-19 is extremely high, it is second only to measles. (…) There is reason to believe that we all will parabolee”, — have declared the doctor.

According to him, if long-known infections such as HIV or the flu, there are “certain genetic characteristics that make a person less receptive”, in the case of coronavirus “on particularly good immunity it is not necessary to rely on.”

Kashcheev also clarified what exactly coronavirus differs from most infections. So, according to the doctor, with a coronavirus adults infect children, whereas measles or chicken pox is the opposite.

Previously a specialist in chemical and biological protection, associate Professor in the Department of physical chemistry of the National research technological University “MISIS” George Frolov also noted that natural human immunity to the new coronavirus is not enough to defeat the pandemic, for the formation of a persistent protective response will take the vaccine. However, according to him, the immune system appears to recover from COVID-19 in any form, including in asymptomatic.

As of April 29, coronavirus detected in almost 100 thousand people per day became infected almost 6 thousand. More than 10 thousand of them recovered, 972 patient died.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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