The doctors took pictures without clothes because of a shortage of masks



In Germany doctors was photographed without clothes in protest against the lack of protective clothing and masks. This publication reports The Guardian.

Among the participants, which takes place in social networks, there are both men and women. In the pictures they pose in their offices, covering the body, such as folders, toilet paper rolls and medical equipment. “Nudity is a symbol of our vulnerability without protective equipment,” — said the initiator of the action, doctor Ruben Bernau (Bernau Ruben).

Similar action was held by French dentists, the website MBS News. They publish Nude pictures to attract attention to their problems. Apart from the shortage of medical masks and other protection, they complain about the need to continue working during a pandemic. According to them, because of the peculiarities of their profession, the risk of infection is particularly high.

In November 2019, the students of the School of veterinary studies University of Edinburgh appeared naked for a charity calendar for the year 2020. In October on the publication of the same calendar announced Sydney school of veterinarians.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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