The main error in the fight against coronavirus


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Premature lifting of the quarantine and the reluctance of medical institutions to accept patients were called fatal errors in the fight against COVID-19. On this edition of Wired said the Director of the Stanford initiative in the field of communication in healthcare (USA) Dr. Seema yasmin (Seema Yasmin).

According to yasmin, it is the desire of the authorities as soon as possible to cancel the quarantine can result in new outbreaks of the disease. “If we hurry, it may lead to uncontrolled spread of the coronavirus,” he said. The doctor said that currently main task of regulatory bodies is to reduce the number of new infections.

The second key mistake of yasmin called the unwillingness of hospitals and clinics to take a large number of patients: “health care providers need three things — drugs, means of protection for doctors, sufficient number of beds and medical ventilators”. According to her, from the second and third waves of the pandemic flu in 1918 died more people than the first.

Seema yasmin also called for improved diagnosis COVID-19 and increase the number of test cases, so that authorities can better track the contacts of infected people and prevent new episodes of spread of the disease. The doctor noticed that tracing contacts of the sick is a cornerstone in the fight against any infectious diseases.

In late April, scientists at Princeton University (USA) told about behavioral errors that will prevent the society to emerge from the pandemic crisis. In particular, excessive social distancing can potentially exacerbate mental disorders, and because of the anxiety associated with pandemics, people may forget the need of exercise and socialising with people.

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