The man became a millionaire thanks to a sudden desire to entertain colleagues coffee



A resident of the Australian city of Adelaide claims to be a millionaire thanks to a sudden desire to treat a colleague for coffee. His words leads portal UPI.

The Aussie, whose name was not specified, stopped on my way to work in the shop to buy coffee for myself and colleagues. There is a fan of gambling he remembered that he had forgotten to buy a lottery ticket for Saturday’s draw of Saturday X Lotto. “I’m glad I ran for coffee, otherwise I would have missed the game,” he explained.

Sunday, April 26, lucky Australian reviewed the game and found out that the jackpot is 1.2 million dollars (88,7 million). “Honestly, I was in complete shock. I was working hard and earning everything that I have right now, and sometimes I had difficult times. Crazy, when you get this gift”, — shared his emotions the winner.

Won the money on the newly minted millionaire decided to pay the debts. Then he plans to discuss with his wife how to spend this big prize. “I think I’ll give the money to the children, and when the situation will improve, we will go on a family vacation,” he told the Australian.

Previously a resident of the County of Prince Georges, Maryland, bought the winning lottery ticket due to a sudden feeling of hunger. The amount of her winnings amounted to 30 thousand dollars (2.2 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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