The ozone hole in the Arctic was delayed



Huge ozone hole over the Arctic, which was formed in March, was delayed independently. This was reported in the Twitter Service monitoring of the atmosphere of Copernicus (Copernicus’ Atmospheric Monitoring Service).

The publication says that the hole area of almost a million square miles from Hudson Bay in Canada to the Arctic Islands in Russia arose because of the strong polar vortex, and not because of the person.

The ozone layer over the Arctic has started to thin in the beginning of the year, in March it was reported critical reduction in its thickness. According to satellites until mid-March level ozone concentrations in the problem area did not fall below 240 Dobson units until March 14, he fell to 205 units, which indicated the formation of a hole.

Scientists predicted the disappearance of the hole in April, but noted that her appearance speaks to the alarming state of the planet. However, the hole is much less than that formed over Antarctica for maximum area up to 25 million square kilometers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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