The Russian T-14 “Armata” learned German-American tank of the 1970-ies

228 T-14 “Armata”Photo:” Wikipedia”

The basis of the ideology of design ideas when creating a Russian tank T-14 “Armata” lay the groundwork not for the Soviet tank builders and the West, writes “Military-industrial courier”.

According to the newspaper, promising Russian tank “is very similar in many parameters and appearance of the tank the joint development of West Germany and the United States 70 years MW-70 (HM-70)”. “The crew of three people, automatic loader, capsule to protect the crew in the fighting compartment and the expected accommodation in the tower 155-millimeter guns,” — said the publication.

The newspaper notes that the use of new solutions in the German-American tank required the use of subcontractors not previously participated in the creation of such technology, leading to higher prices last. According to the publication, the same situation exists with the T-14 “Armata”, which was too expensive for Russia.

Earlier in April, the Agency issued a critical article, in which the Russian T-90M “Breakthrough” is called “metharbital” and “breakthrough to nowhere.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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