The Russians predicted the boom of burglaries and thinking about buying weapons


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dmitry Lebedev / Kommersant

More than 80 percent of Russians expect the growth of crime rate in the country due to the prevailing socio-economic situation. 84% fear boom of burglaries, 70 percent thought about buying means of self-defense or weapons, RIA Novosti reported, citing a study of “Delta security”.

As shown by the results of a survey conducted by the company, 79 percent of Russians are afraid that their apartment or house may be robbed, for 5 percent it became a phobia. Not afraid of burglaries, only 16 percent of citizens. Almost two thirds of respondents said they did not rule out the possibility of purchasing means of self-defense or weapons. 27 percent came up with a plan of action in case of a robbery.

The study participants were also asked to predict their behavior in the time of the attack of robbers in the apartment or private home. 57 percent said that in such a situation, would use the means of self-defense, 37 percent would call the police, 9 per cent family, 7 per cent set out to run 5 percent to negotiate with criminals. Another 4 percent said that would cry and panic.

Earlier in April it was reported that the number of murders and street crimes in Russia since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus decreased. According to the Prosecutor’s office, in the period from January to March the number of registered murders and assassinations declined by 4.9 percent. Cases of deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm decreased by 3.3 percent, beating a 20.2 percent torture — by 3.4 percent.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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