Ukraine has offered “to Gazprom” to give her gas and pay


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The head of the operator of the gas transportation system (GTS) of Ukraine Sergey Makogon suggested that the Russian “Gazprom” to rent Ukrainian gas storage facilities for injection of surplus gas volumes. He stated this in an interview owned by Grigory Berezkin publication RBC.

According to him, to transmit gas to Ukraine and Kiev to pay for storage for “Gazprom” it will be cheaper than renting the same amount in the EU, as is happening now.

Makogon suggested that this year the Republic can store up to 10 billion cubic meters of Russian gas, the remaining 20 billion it will need for their needs.

The head of the company explained that “Gazprom” anyway will have to pay for pumping gas at the conditions spelled out in the contract. Currently, the company transmits via the Ukrainian GTS by about 150 million cubic meters per day, but pays as 178 million. If you upload the remaining 28 million in Ukrainian underground gas storage (UGS), then they can be used, if there is a need to pump large volumes.

Storage cost is around 10 dollars per thousand cubic meters of gas. In Europe, these same services would cost in 3-5 times more expensive. In 2019 the European gas traders rented in the Ukrainian underground gas storage volume of 24 billion. This year Makogon expects an increase in rent in 2-2,5 times.

In the same interview, the head of the Ukrainian GTS recognized that if Russia will complete the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”, it will not be to sign a transit contract with Ukraine after 2025. In this regard, he said, Kiev will make every effort to ensure that the project, which looks purely political, was not completed ever.

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